Friday, April 27, 2007

What really matters?

What really matters is whether that particular client will give a recommendation...

What really matters is: did we had fun?

What really matters is that we find a way to educate students who face much bigger problems than the vast majority of kids here can even imagine.

What really matters is how a company executes the every day tasks of serving their customers and clients.

What really matters is the health of the relationships I have with the people I love and I'm going to invest the time, energy, and heart into those people because they're worth it.

What really matters is if you are saving money.

What really matters is not what you hear or I hear or what Eagle Action writers post or what the Globe says. What matters is what happens on the field.

When considering prisoners of war, what really matters is that, for the duration of the war, they cannot return to the battlefield.

What really matters is what the market conditions are in your region, town, or neighborhood.

What really matters is that you create a space in your consciousness for appreciation for all that you have right now, so that you may live joyously in your present moment.

What really matters is the gap between your current income and your desired income.

Glenn seems to suggest that there's a problem with thinking that what really matters is not what other people think of one's actions, but what God thinks.

What really matters is knowledge, not consensus. what really matters is the set of knowledge you have to have in order to do useful work.

While geolocating you in the world is neat and all, what really matters is who is near you.

What really matters is the relationship, not selling the latest product.

What really matters is your ability to recognize what really matters.


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As requested, I did not nominate you for a Brillante Award!