Sunday, January 21, 2007

I Blame...

I blame The Patriarchy

I blame you Federer. There are good players out there, but I don't want to watch them after seeing you play so magnificently.

I blame Condi...

I blame the plastic

I blame her or my long hair…

I blame it on Valerie

I blame men for it, and especially white men, but the patriarchy in general ...

I blame xes for my constant backache

I blame it on the alcohol.

Can I blame them?

I blame Christians for losing the love of the arts and for not being a serious presence creatively in Hollywood.

I blame the smurfs

Say what you want but I blame it on the media.

I blame the Sourcing Advisors

I blame the media because they have failed us ….
as for who I blame? All of y'all....

I blame it on the fact that I’m an oldest child …

I blame feminism

I blame babies for this

I blame it on the scissors. To this day I can't cut straight.

I blame the general lack of education and the promotion of ignorance.

I blame the snow tires.

I blame Bill.

I blame interference from German Schürze (which may well be cognate).
I blame the sun

I blame Tommy...

I blame this all on Mercy.

I blame Lewis for that but he studied under Scotty Bowman so I really shouldn't criticize him.

I blame It On My Va-Jay-Jay

I blame Bill. Here's the video.

Predominantly I blame the work load and my desire to prove I deserve to be a Bond and in law school.

(I blame Dad)

I blame it on apathy.

wow, I blame my husband.

I blame the fact that I was still stunned by my sudden realisation that he was a person, ...
Oh but how can I blame her?

I blame... Oh, I don't know who I blame for this, but I must blame someone for making me ship 12 year old boys together! ...

I blame the American citizenry for not completely boycotting Citco, ...

I blame the international community and the UN for not exposing this clown puncher ...
I blame American politicians for not weaning us from the teat of foreign oil, ...

I blame feminism for this need of a two-income household in order to survive. And I blame capitalism for our want to own more than we need.

i'm sink and sunk and I blame myself cause i make things hard ...

I blame Sylvester Croom

I blame you, both ways

I blame Peter, Paul and Mary

I blame everyone. I blame scared artists, I blame greedy labels,…... I blame myself, for not getting my buddies into new, important music. I blame myself for dancing around my apartment to songs about arbitrary bullshit ...

I blame the European Union. I blame Israel. And I blame America for imposing this siege around the people of Palestine.

I'm having similar problems but I blame my mouse. It makes me sound far more indignant than I actually feel.

I blame the net.

Do I blame these people? Sometimes...

I blame it on Halloween candy

I blame this Hilton skank for my lack of sleep, too. ... I blame these hussies for riling me up, but mainly, I blame you for not minding your damn business and always diggin' in my life. ... ...

I blame the electorate in this country. I blame myself and those just like me.

I blame Apple. I blame Apple for giving me that damned credit account.

I blame everyone that thinks somehow you have to change when you get older for setting these moronic expectations ... I blame TV.

Did I blame God when I finally chucked the whole thing? ...

I blame it on the porn. The good thing is that the porn has given him some new moves.

I blame Climate Change

I blame the victims.

I blame the Gay Penguins

I blame Kelis’ Publicist And The Marketing Firm That Sold McDonalds The Idea

I blame the English

I blame the Dobson crowd.

As Usual, I blame Rachael Ray

My Brain Hurts... and I blame social media

All I know is...I blame you!!