Saturday, February 11, 2006

A May Wedding

Father Joe: Of course all married couples that can have children should have children
It's taken everything I have to hold off on posting. Surely, I thought, if any news would bring Aggie and Conchie out of their shells (ha! get it?) it would be the news of Musie's pending nuptials. Alas, the lasses simply won't be drawn out.

Of course, we've all been wondering, what's going on? What is it that she's not been talking about? Will it be the sort of news that means her blog will become boring and uninteresting, or news that means we'll be back on track with the classic life of a single girl muddling through?

I say we're back on track! Some might think that this engagement means that the 5th Muse has finally jumped the shark. After all, marriage has ruined many fine sitcoms and dramas. I believe this engagement will breathe new life into the franchise. Here is why:
  • The engagement news has not quashed the pregnancy rumour, only given it more fire.
  • 5M says they are getting married at Holy Sacrament in the Glebe. There is no Holy Sacrament in the Glebe. But there is a Blessed Sacrament. Is it possible that 5M will be getting lessons in married life from Father Joe? Exciting possibilities here!
  • R -- as far as we know he still has a wandering eye and an unsupportive spirit.
  • There's a new passive-aggressive colleague in her office.
  • If she'll meet with her long ago ex "S", surely she'll also be having interactions with "M" before the wedding.
On an unrelated topic...

Could this be the lost blue bird?Do you remember 5M's sorrow when she unthinkingly opened her bird cage facing the wrong way and her little blue bird flew away? Of course, along with 5M, we all assumed the bird must have died. But perhaps not.

p.s. Hope you've all got your tickets for the Vagina Monologues